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  • Founder
    • Robert L. Semes — College and university professor of history, religion, and philosophy/ethics (retired)
  • Board of Directors (2017)
    • Joanne Berdeen -- Administrative Professional (retired), Ashland, Oregon; Secretary
    • Colin Clark -- Boeing software engineer (retired), Medford, Oregon
    • Ron Hulteen -- (retired), Ashland, Oregon; Treasurer
    • John Serra -- Fine furniture maker (retired), Ashland, Oregon
    • Diana Spade -- Physician (retired), Ashland, Oregon; President
    • Gary Woodring -- Family Therapist, Talent, Oregon
  • Volunteer Staff Members
    • Joanne Berdeen -- Office Manager, Program Committee Co-chair.
    • Sandra Coyner -- Book Discussion Group Leader
    • Dan Curtis, Richard LeVitt -- Website Co-administrators
    • Richard LeVitt -- New Scientist Discussion Group Leader
    • Gary Woodring -- Program Committee Co-chair
  • Honorary Fellows
      • Taner Edis - Associate Professor of Physics, Truman State University; Kirksville, Missouri
      • Nigel Leaves - Academic Associate, Charles Sturt University, Brisbane, Australia, until his death June 22, 2015 at age 56. As a scholar, friend, and supporter of the Jefferson Center, he will be missed.
      • Erik J. Wielenberg - Associate Professor of Philosophy, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
      • Matt Young - Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines; Golden, Colorado
      • Dan Barker - Writer and Co-President, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin
      • Steve Benson - Pultizer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist, Phoenix, Arizona
      • Paul Zachary "P.Z." Myers - Evolutionary Biologist and Blogger, University of Minnesota, Morris
      • Robert L. Semes - Founder of The Jefferson Center; Palm Springs, California